Blogging of my mind

It’s all new to me, the whole world of blogging and website building, the open source community.

I remember I’ve been editing a website before, on wordpress. But that’s 2 years ago and I’ve seemed to forget a lot.

So now it’s kinda “re”inventing how all the buttons work.

Anyway, “I should” write a bit about what is on my mind today:

Comet Elenin, hitch hicking, ..

I heard that the planet Elenin on october 16th would be closest to the Earth.

The internet is full of information, but what is true?

I had a look at the Nasa website and got to the conclusion that I’ll sleep happily tonight:

I managed to get over my fear of hitch hiking in the Netherlands 🙂

Saturday I missed my ride with my crystal friend of the market “Kees” whom I actually hadn’t seen for 2 years. Kees is on the market for years and sells crystals, jewellery, buttons, etc.. The last time we had a chat was before I left to Indonesia/New Zealand. So it was lovely to see him again. He lives not far from Arnhem, over the german border. Since my parents & family & close friends all live in the area, there were a lot of occasions I got a ride with Kees. Funnily his daughter is moluccan, like me & our families know eachother.

Anyway, saturday I went to the market and asked Kees if I could get a ride, since “Chi Coltrane” was performing in Luxor theatre in Arnhem. Lovely as he is, he said yes and we were suppose to meet up at waterlooplein. But ofcourse, I ran late, biking home, getting changed, grabbing my stuff together, have a quick sandwich, brush my teeth, smoke a cigarette & in the tram.. BUT I had no idea that bloody tram ride would take me half an hour (I so don’t like taking public transport in Amsterdam), so I was far too late. By the time I got there Kees was already near Utrecht. The people of the market helped me out with a marker and some cardboard & I made a beautiful board: ARNHEM please

My mum called me and told me she would pay the train, but I was already putting my love in the board. She kept calling, I didn’t pick up cause I did not want to be convinced of the dangerousness, I was determined!

So I took the metro (subway) to the Amstel station, just 3 stops away and found the perfect hitch spot I had heard my friends talking about and had read about on

I think it did not even take me 5 minutes, before a guy turned his window down and said: we’re going to utrecht, wanna come? And so I quickly jumped into the car. 3 guys, 2 morrocan and a surinam guy. They made a joke: “you don’t mind it’s a stolen car right?” It got me thinking for a moment, I had no passport on me, but it wouldn’t be my fault either if this was the truth. It turned out to be a joke.. we talked about hitch hiking, was i doing it often?, and about setting up your own business. They were listening to “Andre Hazes”, the dutch folk singer from amsterdam. It was so funny, Maroccan & Surinam guys totally in love with hard core dutch music. They explained that a lot of people in Marocco listened to him, what an eye opener. And in Suriname as well, but that was not new to me..  We smoked a cigarette and gave them my card and told them they would get a discount if they needed a masage. We arrived at a gasstation in Utrecht where we split up.

I held up my board straight away, showing it a guy coming out of station. He looked at it & when I asked if he perhaps was going to Arnhem, he said: “come along”. I got in the car where a girl was sitting on the phone in the passengers seat. She looked a bit akward, but along the conversation got more comfortable. Hitch hiking was totally new to them. She told me she was going to get married in January and they were on their way to her parents. The guy was her brother in law. They were both turkish and I was talking about my great memories of Istanbul, where I worked in 2007. We listened to turkish music and she was busy on the phone telling about what was happening. All in turkish, but I did understand a bit. They dropped me off in presikhaaf, but it was getting pretty dark and i was totally disorientated. How to get to the centre and where are the busses? I asked at a car in front of the traffic light, the woman seemed a bit scared and kept the window half open to talk. I decided I had to catch another ride when I found out where to stand.. I got picked up straight away by an Iranian couple and 2 kids. They dropped me in the centre.. I had 15 minutes left to walk through the shopping street and get to Luxor. My mum arrived at the same time by bus. I put the board in front of the venue: mission accomplished! We had a really nice evening, Herbie was already inside, Chi gave a 2 hour concert and my mum danced the night away..

Today I had to go back to Amsterdam. My parents decided I had to go by train & had gathered all the coins in the house for my train ticket. But I was determined, my mission would only be accomplished if I could make it back as well. I made a new board and my dad and I went off by bus. We walked behind the station towards sonsbeekpark (the beautiful park of Arnhem, of which I hold good memories). At the busstop I tried again.. but it took me a bit longer than before.. singing always helps.. it keeps you smiling.. A car with blu numberplate stopped: taxi. He said he would bring me for 140 euro, totally insane! I told him I couldn’t pay.. he then said: 120 euro.. I told him to go, he was in the way of catching a ride, so he buggered off.. dumb ass, if I would’ve had 140 euro I probably wouldn’t stand there.. Then a van stopped, a courier. He said he was off to Den Haag. I asked him if he could drop me off at Utrecht? Instead he decided to take me to my destination, city centre Amsterdam. He was used to driving around the country & that ride extra didn’t matter.. so lovely!

These kind of things make me feel alive, connected to the universe.. trust is not only to be ashamed.. the universe will unfold itself to you.. and there is a social environment, although it is not always obvious! Don’t live in fear, live in love & it will come back to you..

Night, night for now.. or as they say in Aotearoa: Pomarie


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